Horse owners

Are you a horse or pony owner?


Some Counties run separate watch schemes for horse owners, farmers, businesses and Residents. In Cambridgeshire, Countryside Watch has been set up to incorporate all of these groups into one scheme, not just because it is more cost effective for the members but more importantly it encourages the whole rural community to look out for each others property. This way we never miss a vital piece of information just because we don’t all share the same business type or recreational pursuit.

Currently around 30% of our members are horse owners, including large stables, racecourses and tack stores. With tack theft proving an increasing problem within the County we have purchased specialist tack marking equipment and encourage everyone to use this facility.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Together 850 members have a stronger voice in tackling rural crime.  CCW staff work regularly with police officers on behalf of members.
  • Voice Mail Messages, texts, e-mails and whatsapp messages.
  • Each member of Countryside Watch receives voice mail messages, direct to a landline telephone number of their choice, informing them of crimes and suspicious incidents in their local area.
  • We also send out text and whatsapp messages to make members aware of live ongoing incidents or crimes.
  • Visual Deterrents in the form of signage and stickers.
  • Each new member of Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch receives with their first years subscription, either one large or two small Countryside Watch Secured Area sign(s). These are for display on entrances to property. Window stickers are supplied for vehicles.
  • Reduced price Smartwater Farm Kits offer.

The current joining fee is £87. This includes a site visit to review your security, Countryside Watch signage + your 1st year subscription. Subscription is £52 a year thereafter. Although we are a not for profit organisation we have to cover our costs.

Information & Support

  • You will receive feedback on crimes and incidents.
  • Liaison with the Police, Environment and other agencies on behalf of members.
  • Newsletters and regular updates.

A dedicated team of Regional Officers to support you

A reduction in crime

“Where Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch networks are active crime has been reduced.”

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