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Why is Countryside Watch needed


Please take this Opportunity to join the Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch.

The Police have for a long time recognised that rural communities are attractive and vulnerable targets for criminals. We are seeing an increase in the number of incidents that are attacking the very fabric of the countryside. The criminal of today is more organised and more mobile, and the value of property is increasing.

What is involved

Countryside Watch is a scheme, which brings together the Police and people in the countryside. It helps those who live in the same area or have the same interests and are prepared to work with the Police to reduce the opportunities for criminals. It also increases the chances of offenders being caught.

Basic principles

  • Members form part of a local and area network
  • Members pass information to, or receive information from, the Police or Countryside Watch.
  • Members work towards securing their property using Minimum Security Standards with the assistance of a free security visit from the Countryside Watch Regional Officer.

The future for Countryside Watch

The scheme was established in 1993 and now hasover 800 members. The aim is to expand membership to enable the scheme to become more effective.
The team consists of 2 Regional Officers covering a geographical area of the county, and assisting local members.

If you are interested in joining Countryside Watch, please complete the following form and a member of Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch will contact you in the very near future.

The current joining fee is £87. This includes a site visit to review your security, Countryside Watch signage + your 1st year subscription. Subscription is £52 a year thereafter. Although we are a not for profit organization we have to cover our costs.

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