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Is your business located in the countryside?
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Whatever your rural business type criminals can view our countryside as easy pickings. Often we find that thieves are opportunists who drive around looking for a soft target. Our members either report or keep notes of suspicious vehicles and people; then react when a whatsapp message or text is received.

Or perhaps you live in the countryside

Neighbourhood Watch offers some villages and towns the opportunity to receive information about what’s happening in their road. For those of us who live in the countryside, we need to look at a much wider area for our crime information. Criminals are now more mobile than ever and in return we need to be more aware and vigilant.

Maybe you like to spend time in the countryside

Our countryside is beautiful and something we all want to take care of and enjoy. Unfortunately not everyone respects our rural areas, illegal fly-tipping and dumped cars are a regular occurrence across Cambridgeshire.

Anyone who uses the countryside whether driving, cycling or walking can help us prevent rural crime and catch offenders.


Basic principles


Members work towards securing their property using Minimum Security Standards with the assistance of a free security visit from a  Countryside Watch Regional Officer.

Often we find that thieves are opportunists who drive around looking to find a soft target. If we work together and lookout for our neighbours, however distant across the fields, we can turn our rural location into a strength rather than a weakness.

The more eyes and ears we have the greater our chances of success.

The current joining fee is £87. This includes a site visit to review your security, Countryside Watch signage + your 1st year subscription. Subscription is £52 a year thereafter. Although we are a not for profit organisation we have to cover our costs.

The Benefits of Membership
  • Together Over 700 members have a stronger voice in tackling rural crime.  CCW staff work regularly with police officers on behalf of members.
  • Whatsapp Messages, texts and e-mails.
  • We send out Whatsapp messages or texts to make members aware of live ongoing incidents or crimes.
  • We also e-mail members a round up of  rural crimes for the whole county and any trends that emerge.
  • Visual Deterrents in the form of signage and stickers.
  • Each new member of Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch receives with their first years subscription,one small Countryside Watch Secured Area sign. These are for display on entrances to property. Window stickers are supplied for vehicles.
  • Reduced price Smartwater Farm Kits offer.

Special Operations against particular criminal groups i.e. fuel thieves, tractor thieves and hare coursers. You will receive feedback on crimes and incidents.

Information & Support

  • You will receive feedback on crimes and incidents.
  • Liaison with the Police, Environment and other agencies on behalf of members.
  • Newsletters and regular updates.

A dedicated team of Regional Officers to support you

Where Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch networks are active crime has been reduced.

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