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Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch

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Operational Summary

Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch (CCW) is a resource covering the whole county. It used by many agencies for many reasons, one of which is that it is the only organisation with the network and mobile equipment to get targeted messages in and out to the rural community within minutes, either to the whole county or selected areas via Whatsapp or Text Messages. This is invaluable because it gives the community time to protect itself against such things as suspicious vehicles, Distraction Burglaries, as well as property theft.

Routine tasks – Daily

  • Work closely with Rural Crime Action Team (RCAT) daily, and crime Reduction Officers when needed, to resolve rural crime issues.
  • Send targeted crime messages/warnings to all or discrete areas of the county.
  • Gather intelligence from members, about current incidents and also in response
    to the above messages, and submit this within minutes to police.
  • Visit Victims Of Crime both members/non-members with Police, Fire Service or as CCW.
  • Give security advice, including details of known specialist security companies.
  • Assist Fire Service with stack arson cases.
  • Help Police identify livestock owners to aid swift return of strays and minimise damage and danger on roads.
  • Help Police identify landowners to assist with enquiries.
  • Support the Police Rural Crime Action Team(RCAT) in fight against illegal hare coursing and associated criminality.
  • Alert rural community to live hare coursing incidents. Put them in direct touch with officers dealing so they can provide up to the minute details of where coursers are, not where they have been, saves officer time/mileage, not clogging up 101.
  • Supply Smartwater Property Identification Kits at a greatly reduced price.
  • Relevant flyers (such Section 59 posters off road motorcycling) supplied to targeted recipients.
  • Work with our members to manage their expectations of police service.
  • Help police understand why some small incidents are particularly harmful to rural business such as loss of heating fuel to greenhouses can destroy a years work costing tens of thousands of pounds.
  • Missing Persons. CCW contacts Sky Watch immediately (if police request) for private planes to assist search and also sends messages to target area.
  • Work with the Police Rural Crime Action Team on Wildlife Crime issues
  • Warn members of specific threats, such as an anti shooting group trying to provoke guns into acting inappropriately and then photographing them.
  • Distraction burglary details sent immediately to enable preventative action.
  • Promote Bobby Scheme and Beds and Cambs Rural Support Group.
  • Promote the need to report ALL crimes and incidents.
  • Keep up to date with latest, and emerging, crime trends and warn members.

CCC Works with the following organisations?

  • Police and Police Rural Action Crime Team (RCAT)
  • National Farmers Union
    NFU Mutual
  • Cambridgeshire Fire and Service Rescue
  • Environment agency
  • Heritage crime- Historic Environment Team
  • District County Environment – enforcement officers
  • Cambridge Search and Rescue Group
  • Skywatch
  • Horse Watch and Boat Watch

Work with Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office.

Practical Initiatives
  • Organise Barn Meetings where rural residents, police and other agencies can discuss particular rural crime issues and solutions.
  • Cesar It Days. We have organised many Cesar Datatag installation days enabling Tractors, ATVs, and Lawnmowers etc. to be tagged at greatly discounted prices.
  • CCW organises Security Days hosted by Agricultural Dealers promoting security equipment and systems to rural business. No cost to CCW as expenses sponsored.
  • Organise stands at Wimpole Show, Gransden Show etc and invite Police, Fire and other agencies to join us. Promote partnership working and community safety.
  • Fly Grazing Advice given and warning signs supplied.
  • Design, make, distribute, free of charge, Warning Stickers for large rural vehicles.
  • Organise Police Officer Training Days on Farms covering Rural Crime.
  • Give talks to many different groups and organisations on crime reduction.
  • Warn public of danger of overtaking farm vehicles indicating right using the police and local radio.
  • Meetings with Agencies.
  • Attend ACPO Rural Crime Conference.
  • Rural Community Action Group Meeting.
  • Joint Eastern Region Rural Crime Meeting.
  • Op Armitage Stack Arson Meetings.
  • Watch Scheme Tactical Group meetings.
  • HMC Inspection Focus Group Meeting.
  • Annual Review with the Cambridgeshire Police Chief Constable.
  • Annual Review with Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • We have quarterly Management Committee Meetings and an AGM at Police HQ.

All achieved by 3 part time workers

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